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What is Xiscan?
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what is Xiscan?

Since the 1980's, hackers have used automated telephone dialers (or wardialers) to scan telephone numbers in an attempt to locate entry points into computer and telecommunications systems. The same tools are still available today, but very much show their hacker heritage.

Xiscan takes the basic idea of the wardialer and updates it for the corporate environment. It transforms a basic hacking tool into a sophisticated monitoring system, based on the latest technologies. It replaces a clunky text based front end with an easy to use GUI. It trades a dependence on DOS for the platform independence of Java. It is engineered around a core database rather than flat files. It can be integrated directly into a production batch schedule for routine, automated scanning and reporting.

It has been designed from the outset to support management reporting.

...but now it's so much more

Recently introduced enhancements not only make Xiscan an even more powerful modem detection tool, but also make it an effective telephone line monitoring tool. The latest versions of Xiscan can classify telephone lines with unprecedented accuracy, making it an invaluable tool in both inventory management and telephony capacity planning. For some of our customers, the clear cost benefits that can be realised by consolidating individual fax lines, and eliminating excess unused line capacity have become the driver for deploying Xiscan - in one instance realising savings of €20000 annually in line rental alone.
For those organisations, the security benefits of using Xiscan are the added bonus.

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