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strengthening your weakest link

Xiscan fulfills a key (and often overlooked) area of system security. It can be delivered as a fully managed service or as packaged software, fully tailored to meet your needs.

Xiscan can determine whether you have a network access problem, it can help you develop a complete inventory and understanding of access points into your organisation, and it will play a significant role in establishing and policing a more effective security policy.

Xiscan works by scanning large, defined sets of telephone numbers to locate unauthorised entry points. It can determine whether the target extension is a voice line or is connected to a modem or fax. If a remote modem is detected, Xiscan captures the information detailing the system to which that modem is attached.

Xiscan can support multiple modems connected in parallel. This makes possible a huge increase in throughput which enables large scans to be run easily in the minimum time. The design allows for software tools to be plugged in to perform specific operations based on the identity of the target system. A typical activity might be to raise an alert.

Xiscan can be used as a mainstream inventory management and capacity planning tool. Using the sophisticated analysers introduced in version 6, Xiscan is able to provide a far more accurate picture of line usage than ever before. It identifies modem & fax lines with a higher degree of confidence, and can assist in capacity planning through the identification of redundant lines.

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