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the technical specifics...

operating system independent
Written in Oracle's Java 2, every effort has been made to create a multiple platform product.

modest hardware requirements
A PC-based specification to support the product on a base installation on Windows XP/Microsoft Access is Intel PIII 400MHz with 256MB memory. (In fact, it's near impossible to find a modern PC with too low a spec to run Xiscan - even one with an entry level Intel Atom processor will do!) Total installation size, including Java, is around 190MB.

database independent
Although Xiscan is built around industry standard relational database technology, it is not tied to any particular vendor and has been designed to plug into the majority of recognised database engines via a generic interface. Direct support is already available for Microsoft Access, MySQL and SQL Server.

multiple modem support
The product can support multiple modems without requiring custom hardware components.

easy to configure
Xiscan's Configuration Manager has been developed to integrate the product into your technical environment with the minimum effort.

Xiscan is a distributable application, allowing greater flexibility during installation and configuration.

fully-featured & extensible
Fundamental scan features are: voice, data, fax & ISDN scanning; support for organisation of telephone scans based around a company's sites and departments; real-time analysis; detailed call analysis & support for future integration of third party products and user extensions.

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