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new features in Xiscan 6

Despite (or perhaps, because of) over 20 years of active development, Xiscan continues to evolve. Version 6 of Xiscan (released in August 2008) incorporated almost 40 feature enhancements compared to version 5.5. (released in May 2007), with further enhancements added in version 6.1 (released February 2009), 6.2 (April 2011) and 6.3 (May 2013). Enhancements include:

  • telephone record import/export facility - individual fields and field order for import/export are user selectable
  • telephone record overwrite facility - allowing Xiscan to be easily updated with the latest information
  • freely resizeable tools for optimum use of screen real-estate
  • user-customisable persistent tool defaults
  • user accessible time zone configuration for global scanning
  • improved startup, tool initialisation and database archival times
  • modem initialisation optimisations - resulting in 6% - 12% increase in call throughput compared to Xiscan 5.5
  • overall performance enhancements that can result in call throughput up to almost double that reported by other commercial products, while still retaining good line discrimination capability
  • support for dedicated FAX mode scanning
  • support for dedicated ISDN mode scanning
  • extension of command-line tools to include reporting as well as scanning - allowing for integration of automated scanning & report generation into an unattended, routine batch schedule
  • enhanced reporting capability, including a more flexible architecture to support future enhancements.
  • user-defined custom audio log reports (new in 6.3)
  • now built on Java 7 for improved startup, resilience and reduced memory footprint

However, overshadowing all of these evolutionary enhancements is the inclusion of a revolutionary capability...

Xiscan's Revolutionary Call Analyser

We believe that the development of Xiscan's Call Analyser represents the most significant enhancement in modem/telephony scanning in over a decade.

A combination of five complementary analytical techniques allow the Call Analyser to characterise each line with an unprecedented degree of accuracy. Using these techniques within Xiscan's existing tool framework, it is possible to resolve common conditions that can cause problems with traditional tools:

  • easily distinguish fax devices with dial-in capability from genuine modems
  • discriminate between genuinely busy lines and busy signals issued by exchanges when calls are dropped
  • identify lines that automatically drop the call immediately after answer (such as with some dial-back modems)
  • identify lines that are out of use, thereby assisting in capacity planning

For some of our larger customers, the recurring cost savings that can be made from reducing over-provision of line capacity alone provides a sufficient cost justification for licensing Xiscan.

Xiscan continues to be the most flexible and scalable tool of its type, in terms of database size, database platform support and number of concurrent modems in operation. With it's Call Analyser, Xiscan now promises to provide unprecedented accuracy and unequalled performance in characterising telephony line usage.

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