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a flexible architecture

Xiscan has been designed to be as flexible as possible. Its architecture can span one or many machines to take full advantage of your available hardware. Xiscan comprises two sets of components: Control Workstation and Dial Host, organised as shown in the architecture diagram below.

The principal architectural components are:

Control Workstation
The single machine from which Xiscan is controlled. The Control Workstation holds the database repository. It is also where the Configuration Manager, Xiscan Interactive and Xiscan Command Line Interface tools are run from

Dial Manager
The Dial Manager is the key internal component of Xiscan Interactive and Xiscan Command Line Interface. The Dial Manager is responsible for allocating telephone numbers to and retrieving results from individual modems. It does this by allocating a dedicated channel for each modem. Communication is via that channel, through a Dial Agent, to a specific Dial Engine.

Dial Host
A Dial Host is simply a machine to which modems are physically attached. Dial Hosts run a web server, Dial Agent programs and Dial Engine processes. In addition, Dial Hosts may also be configured to run a sophisticated analyser to perform detailed call analysis and line identification. It is possible to co-locate all of the Dial Host components onto the Control Workstation to produce a single-node configuration.

Dial Agent
The Dial Agent runs as a transient CGI (Common Gateway Interface) program. It acts as a conduit between the Dial Manager and a specific Dial Engine, passing commands and data in and receiving result data back. The Dial Manager stores the returned data in the core database.

Dial Engine
When Xiscan Interactive or Xiscan Command Line Interface is started, a Dial Engine process is created for, and allocated to, each modem connected on a Dial Host. Each Dial Engine process runs for the duration of a scan (a daemon process), and is responsible for low-level communication and management of its allocated modem.

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