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Xiscan provides summary reporting features, accessible through a web-based interface. From version 6 of Xiscan, the Enterprise Edition also supports a batch interface, allowing for scan reports to be generated automatically.

Four classes of reports are available:

  • Execution Report
  • Comparison Report
  • Audio Log Report
  • User Audio Log Report

The Execution Report summarises the results of a specific scan. It identifies the telephone numbers associated with modems and faxes, and also reports on the busy lines it found (which can also be indicative of modem activity depending on the time of day).

The Comparison Report provides all of this information for a scan, but in addition allows comparison with the results of an existing archived scan. This allows changes in the configuration of modems and faxes within your telephone network to be tracked over time.

The Audio Log Report is an Enterprise Edition feature added in Xiscan 6.1. It provides a direct interface to some of the Call Analysis functionality introduced with Xiscan 6. The report allows a user to quickly review all of the calls in an individual scan, and replay audio logs of any calls of interest. This feature is incredibly powerful: it can be used to immediately answer the question of why a documented modem was not detected for example.

Even better, in Xiscan 6.3 we added the User Audio Log Report. Using simple XML syntax you can create your own reports to mine the databases for data that's of specific interest to you.

Building Xiscan on top of a non-proprietary database makes the vendor-specific tools available to support non-standard queries or presentation of results.

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